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10 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboards


This Tableau Whitepaper requires registration to read but essential reading for all developers. 10 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboard is there as a timeless reference.

“When a dashboard is done right, people wonder how they ever lived without it. Why? A well-designed dashboard is a launch point for your analytics. Armed with the same powerful collection of information, your business makes faster decisions based on a single source of truth.

Read this whitepaper to discover how:

  • Thoughtful planning will allow you to become familiar with your dashboard audience, evaluate proper display size, and appropriately plan for fast load times.
  • Informed design draws from the “sweet spot” of visual cues, is critical of view and colour quantity, incorporates interactivity to encourage exploration and considers progressive formatting.
  • Refining your dashboard puts the onus on tooltips, emphasizes the story within your story, eliminates clutter, and sets you up for dashboard testing opportunities.”

Original Article: https://tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/10-best-practices-building-effective-dashboards

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