In our one-year anniversary review, I wrote about opening up the Tableau Magic platform to help others contribute to our wonderful Tableau community; the sharing nature of the Tableau community is the key reason for me dedicating my free time to writing articles for everyone to read, learn and enjoy. As such, I wanted to help others do the same and in this article, I will lay out how you can.

I do not believe that you need to be an expert, community leader, or a specialist to be able to share what you know. We are all on a journey and there will always be those further ahead and behind in their individual journeys, and regardless of which it is, you can learn from everyone.

Why contribute?

Starting a blog is a relatively simple endeavour, however, creating a successful blog requires a lot more infrastructure than most people realise. I have spent a lot of time learning all the various tools and techniques required and, believe me, it is interesting but very time-consuming. Therefore, I want to remove these hurdles and help you to express your ideas without the need to spend time on topics like SEO, Keyword Analytics, or platform optimisation; I want to help you focus on sharing.

Tableau Magic currently reaches 10,000 unique users each month from around the globe and is growing; I anticipate that this number will double before the end of the year, and this is the platform that I want to make available to you all. Tableau Magic also has WhatsApp Groups, a Facebook Page and Group, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles and a host of other platforms that will share your article.

Who can contribute?

As mentioned, you do not need to be at any particular place in your journey to be able to contribute, as long as you have an idea worth sharing, then I would love to hear from you; it could be a simple article that talks about tips that increased your productivity, a technique that you find awesome, or perhaps a visualisation that you want to talk about.

You can be starting out and want to use Tableau Magic as your first opportunity to blog before creating your own blog, or perhaps, you already have a blog and want to feature in Tableau Magic to get more exposure to a wider audience, or perhaps you do not want to blog regularly, but have a few ideas that you want to talk about.

What to contribute?

The Tableau Magic public website is focused on educating people on the use of Tableau and is broadly split into several categories:

  • Introductory and Quick Tips
  • Dashboards, Drawing and Bespoke
  • Tableau APIs
  • Thoughts, Opinions and Interviews

If you have an idea that does not fit into these categories, do not worry, as this is pretty fluid and the site is growing organically.

How to contribute?

The first step is to send an email to and we can start the discussion; I would love to hear from you and we can set up a call to discuss in more details.

You will then be given Contributor access to the site where you can create your blog entries. Once submitted, we will go through and make some editorial changes and send this back to you for final approval. Upon final approval, your thoughts will be scheduled across our platforms.

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