A colleague got me a copy of Information is Beautiful by David McCandless as a present a few years ago, and still sits on my coffee table and is still a great place for inspiration. On the Information is Beautiful Website, https://informationisbeautiful.net, we have the following “Founded by David McCandless, author of two bestselling infographics books, Information is Beautiful is dedicated to helping you make clearer, more informed decisions about the world. All our visualizations are based on facts & data: constantly updated, revised & revisioned.”

Some might say that his work is a stark contrast to Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge, but I find his work complementary, and would definitely recommend his work.

Other reviews from Amazon.co.uk:

  • “Lovely book, and great infographics and gathered research. Also quite inspirational for those wanting to present knowledge in a quirky, different way. Definitely recommend.”
  • “I saw David McCandless speak at a conference some time ago and was inspired immediately to go and buy the book the next day. I’ve been using this for months and I keep it on my desk in the office so when I’m lacking inspiration in how to get a message across – I flip through the pages to look at the infographics and get inspired. I love this book so much I’ve bought it for many friends. Not much more to say … even if you don’t have a reason to buy this book …. buy this book. It’s wonderful.”
  • “This present was very well received by my my husband and my brother in law who says it is a fascinating read as well as a good learn too. the people to whom I gifted this have gone on to gift a copy to someone else as it is beautiful and interesting.”

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