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I get plenty of requests for my Tableau Public workbooks as they are not downloadable. Here you will find a maintained list...

Designer Workbooks

As a fun little treat, and for supporting me through Patreon, you can find downloadable links to my workbooks below. Note that I will keep this updated when I create something very cool.

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For those who have never heard of Patreon, Patreon is a platform that helps to bridge the gap between Content Creators and...


My apologies for the delay in the Extension Course, I was hit by what I think was the Coronavirus and was sick, so had a big backlog. This will be coming soon.

21st April 2020

Things have been very hectic with work, so there has been a little delay to our Udemy Course on Creating Tableau Extensions. I am hoping to release it here in the next two weeks.

5th March 2020

I have been making good progress on our latest Udemy Course. Whereas it will take a little time to get it approved by Udemy, I will be aiming to upload the entire course here before the end of the Feb

17th February 2020

I just got unbelievable news. I have been announced as a Tableau Zen Master for 2020. Thank you for your continued support.

13th February 2020

I have uploaded my Creating Bespoke Data Visualization Course in full. Have loads of fun and enjoy. My next course will be a full feature length course on Creating Tableau Extensions. I am hoping to make this available by the end of March 2020

22nd January 2020





When I reach 50 patrons, I will finally be able to upgrade my Web Server; this is long overdue and the website will soon struggle due to an huge increased in traffic, especially over the past 6 months.


Tableau Desktop is often referred to as the Gold Standard for Data Visualization, Data Discovery and Self-Service Data Analytics, and caters for all users from IT Practitioners, to Data Scientists, to Data Consumers. In this course, we are going to push the limits of what we can show in Tableau by creating Bespoke (Custom) Data Visualizations, and more importantly, learn the techniques required, push our boundaries, and stretch our imagination. You have 32 videos to enjoy and learn from.

Note: This is the first two sections. The remaining 6 sections are being validated and will be uploaded soon.


Our course on creating your own Tableau Extensions will guide you from setting up your development environment to publishing your own Tableau Extension, from Start to Finish.Tableau is fantastic, and more than that, I truly believe in Tableau's mission in its elegance and simplicity: "We help people see and understand data". Tableau Extension takes things to a whole new level by enabling developers to add to Tableau and share what they have built for others to use. On top of this, I believe that Tableau Extensions will play an increasingly important part of the Tableau Ecosystem.

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