Tableau Magic was born from a desire to help you. You, who may be a novice on a journey into data analytics, or perhaps, you, who may be a well-seasoned veteran and want to see something different. Regardless of who you are, and where you are on your journey, Tableau Magic is here for you.

Through Tableau Magic, I have and will continue to release hundreds of articles for you to learn from. You are family, and while I ask for nothing in exchange, I do want to put something out there.

In our community, as in life, even the smallest gestures can have a huge and profound impact; a ripple effect, because, and who knows, spending 5 minutes of your time can help inspire the next generation of community leaders… Food for thought?

As we enter 2020, I look back on 2019 with amazement, and while reflecting I am also focusing on the year ahead and upcoming challenges. I hope that 2020 will be loads of fun, and I hope you will continue to enjoy Tableau and Tableau Magic.

Kind Regards,
Toan Hoang, Founder of Tableau Magic

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