Tableau Extension API

Tableau Extensions were introduced in version 2018.2 and has massively opened up Tableau to the world of eager developers; literally speaking, this has the potential to be the biggest game changer...

Creating a Tableau Extension / Part One

I have experimented with the new Tableau Extensions API since the Tableau Beta for 2018.2 and found this new feature to be a real game changer. Being an experienced web developer, this...

Tableau + Python – Going Outside of the Box

Aidan Moore reached out to me a few months ago as he wanted to show me something interesting in Tableau, I am always up for seeing something interesting, but what Aidan...

Tableau Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Tableau has an ever-growing list of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that we as developers can leverage to add functionality to Tableau; personally speaking, this is the most exciting part of the...

Creating a Tableau Extension / Part Four

In Creating a Tableau Extension / Part One we introduced you to Git, GitHub, Yarn, Visual Studio Code as well as Bootstrap, jQuery and the Tableau Extension API library. In Creating...

Tableau’s JavaScript API / An Introduction

In the past 5 years, I have been programming a lot with JavaScript, from simple jQuery to Angular to React. This has been mainly for my personal projects and surprisingly I have...

The TableauMagic DataTables Extension Now Available

The TableauMagic DataTables Extension v1.0.0 is now available for general use; if you have Tableau Desktop 2018.2 or greater, all you have to do is download the .trex file and start...


Creating Ternary Plots in Tableau

This is my last tutorial until I go on my August Tableau Magic break, and as such, I want to finish with a comprehensive...

Tableau Desktop Quiz

2,000+ Tableau Icons


Tableau QT: Square Area Chart

This is a Quick Tip on how to build Square Area Charts in Tableau, so less reading and more jumping in. We are going...

Single Level Sankey Diagram

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