After months of planning, endless preparation, and loads of refilming, I am finally ready to make public my first Udemy Course on Creating Bespoke Data Visualisations in Tableau. Since starting Tableau Magic, I have written lots of tutorials, and while people enjoy the tutorials, I have had many requests for a video course on what I do, what I think, the techniques I use, and to create a learning journey for people to understand more about Creating Bespoke Data Visualisations in Tableau.

Course Structure

Our Udemy course is three hours, and has 5 sections:

  • Introduction to Bespoke Data Visualisations, what they are, when to use them and more importantly, when NOT to use the.
  • Core Techniques for creating Bespoke Data Visualisations in Tableau where we go through Table Calculations, Data Densification, Curved Lines, Polygons, and exercises to reinforce your understanding. These techniques are not just useful for Bespoke Data Visualisations, but also useful for your other Tableau dashboards and visualisations.
  • Design where we talk about finding inspiration, moving on to design, and then how we can sketch and think about implementing in Tableau. There are infinite sources of inspiration and once you start, you cannot stop seeing data visualisations everywhere.
  • An End-to-End example where we will walk through the design of a Bespoke Data Visualisation, disassemble into the smaller elements, and construct it from start to finish. The aim here is to walk you through an end-to-end example using all the information you have learned.
  • Closing the course with tons of recommended exercises from this very website. The aim here is that after going through this course, you will have an infinitely better understanding of what is happening in our tutorials.


If you want to learn more about Creating Bespoke Data Visualisations in Tableau, do check out our course on Udemy at

Final Thought

I am a big believer in going with the flow, however, I would never have imagined creating a Udemy Course; but through your support, I hope that my Udemy course will be yet another step in our journey together.

I hope you enjoy the course, do let me know what you think, and as always, have as much fun as you can with Tableau and your Data Visualisations. With your support, I will be able to create even more opportunities for learning Tableau.


    • Hi Ela, you can take the course using Tableau Public, a free version of Tableau Desktop. But do note that this it is better if you use Tableau regularly, but if you have 6 to 12 months experience, you should be fine.

  1. Thank you for a quick reply.
    I am afraid that completing this course with Tableau Public will be very difficult.
    If I cannot save any of my work, I will not be able to keep up with the course because I will have to restart my work everyday.

  2. Yes, I know I can save to Tableau Public. But if I want to start next lesson another day, I will have to start my work from the beginning, right?

      • Thank you, Toan.
        I did not know that I can save to Tableau Public and then download it and open with Tableau Public Desktop with my visualization from another day.
        Now I will definitely buy your course on Udemy.

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